Easy Homemade Pancake Recipe

Hopefully, you all had a joyous Valentine's Day, whether you spent it with your loved ones, or hit the night out with some of your closest friends. The time around Valentines Day reminds me to be appreciative of the great people I have in my life, but it also reminds me of the parts of my life that I'd like to give more attention to.

One of those things for me is making a breakfast that I'm excited about in the morning. I usually spend the most time and effort when cooking lunch or dinner, but breakfast is always an after thought.  To change that, I plan to make meals that I can create in advance and will last for a few days and leave me with less prep time during the week. It helps if it’s something that you will be excited about eating. :) Since I have a huge sweet tooth, for me it’s homemade pancakes! Although it can be easy to make pancakes from a box, why not make them from scratch?  You probably already have all the ingredients in your house, anyway, and it will taste SO MUCH better!


1  1/2 cups of flour                                            1/4 teaspoon of salt

2 tablespoons of sugar                                    2 eggs (room temperature) 

1 tablespoon baking powder                           1  1/4 cups of milk (regular, soy, or almond)

2 tablespoon of melted butter

Take a medium mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients together using a spoon or whisk. Make sure the eggs are fully beaten. If you would like, you can beat the eggs in a separate bowl before mixing them with all the other ingredients. 

Once everything is fully mixed, the batter will look somewhat bubbly, and it will have a somewhat liquid consistency. Take out a pan and heat about one tablespoon of olive oil on medium heat. Once hot pour the batter into the pan. Pour more or less batter depending on how big you like your pancakes. I like mine on the smaller size, so I'll stop pouring once it's about the size of a tea cup saucer. 

Cook for about 2 minutes or until more bubbles appear in the batter. Once that occurs it's time to flip the pancakes over with a spatula. They should be a golden brown color. Adjust, depending on your preference. Cook for another 2 minutes on the other side.  

Serve on a plate and add butter, maple syrup, and our your favorite toppings.( I usually add fruit or chocolate chips, but there's no wrong way to eat your pancakes, go bananas!) Pair with a cold glass of milk and voilà- you have the perfect breakfast in no time!